1950 Established by Dr. H. Tiefenbach & Co. Development and production of hydraulic components for underground mining, solenoid switches and sensors for industrial plants, proximity switches etc.
1980 First development and production of the wheel sensor for use in railway traffic technology. >> Foundation for the reorientation of Dr. H Tiefenbach GmbH &Co.
1983 First approval of the double wheel sensors (DWS) by the German Federal Railways central administrative bureau (Bundesbahn Zentralamt BZA).
1980 – 1985 First development and production of TEOW (Tiefenbach locally operated points) – initially for use in the area of private railways, industrial railways and port railways, initially without any switchover protection – subsequently using the double wheel sensor with switchover protection and switchover from the trailing side.
1989 First development and production of the Tiefenbach Axle Counting System (Tiefenbach axle counting system).
1996 1. First approval of the Tiefenbach locally operated points by EBA (German Federal Railways Agency – Eisenbahnbundesamt) and release by DB AG for use within the area of Deutsche Bahn AG. 2. Merger with Hauhinco Group and continuation of the railway mechanics sector (shunting equipment) highly developed and progressed since 1977. Reorganisation to become a system provider within the area of railway mechanics and railway traffic technology (Control and safety technology).
1997 1. Realisation and approval of the first compact gravity hump yard at the Deutsche Bahn AG (Kassel-Bettenhausen). 2. Realisation and approval of the first Tiefenbach locally operated points with central operator workstation.
2001 Realisation and approval of the first depot points control system (depot points control system at Kornwestheim Station).
2003 – 2004 Realisation of the depot points control system Köln-Deutzerfeld within just one year: 97 signals 105 points 100 axle counting circuits
2004 Realisation and approval of control systems for high power train formation yards (Köln-Gremberg Nord/Süd, Hagen-Vorhalle).
2005 Further development of the control system for depot points control systems (train pre-set routes, main signal control etc.).
2007 Realisation and approval of control systems of a high-power train formation yard for Köln-Gremberg Nord/Süd. Development start of the radio-controlled hump-locomotive of class 296 at DB AG in ZBA Köln-Gremberg Nord/Süd.
2008 Renewal of the entire points control system technology for the signalled pre-set route control system with automatic train control for ThyssenKrupp Steel AG – Eisenbahn und Häfen (Railways and Ports).