Grade Crossing Protection


The Pintsch Tiefenbach Grade Crossing System was developed with the aim of providing organizations/bodies involved in the railway sector such as, railway administrations, Shortline and Mainline railroads with a reliable, safe technology for securing grade crossings in a fully automated manner.

By deliberately using tried and tested components from the Pintsch Tiefenbach range of axle counting railway technology products, many operational and technical advantages have been secured for the user which make the use of this technology attractive even in areas with simple operational setups, on single-track or multi-track regional lines, mainline railways or on tram and city railway systems offering local public transport.

 Basic Functions of Pintsch Tiefenbach Grade Crossing Technology:       

  • Train-operated,  direction-dependent strike-in via double wheel sensor (DSS)
  • Blocking off the road area to traffic using roadside signals and electronic audible warning devices, optionally in combination with half-length or full-length  barriers and with an interface to traffic lights  also possible.  
  • Uniform warning time can be provided when multiple wheel sensors are installed within the approach circuit.  
  • Interlocking station signals or block signals or high-availability switching in combination with remote monitoring also available.  
  • Manual activation also possible via key operated switch at front panel.
  • Event recorder with event log and a RS232 interface for a notebook, remote access also possible with additional equipment.


 Standard Strike-in/Strike-out Track Layout     


Uniform Warning Time Track Layout

(multiple sensors (3 - 7) inside the approach)



  • Axle counting system: Meets standard North American fail-safe safety standards.

  • Entire system: Meets standard North American fail-safe safety standards.

  • System Integrity Level:  Equivalent to SIL 3 (in accordance with IEC 65A Sec 123).



  • The control system is modularly structured. This ensures  a lower-cost basic setup for single-track sections as well as the ability to easily expand the system for as many tracks, light signals and barrier systems as are required.
  • Track axle counting systems continue to function independently of ballast parameters, the state of the superstructure, axle shunting, rusty rail or weather conditions.
  • The sensor technology (double wheel sensor) is maintenance free and unaffected by all known sources of interference (e.g. traction reverse currents, rail braking, high voltage catenary lines, RF transmissons, etc.)
  • The control system is designed for installation in exterior control boxes (without climate control!).
  • The axle counting technique for clearing notification ensures high availability since push-pull shunting, vehicle stop or change of direction will not lead to operational hindrances.